What is the difference between elbow and bend?


1. Different production technology

On the production process of the bend, the cold simmer bend can be used in the pipe, directly made with the bend machine, one-time can produce the bend, and do not need two anticorrosion, but the elbow must be customized by the manufacturer, to do anticorrosion, and the order cycle is long.

2. Different price

The bend price is lower than the elbow, but the cost performance is much lower than the elbow. If the bend is not anticorrosive, it is easy to damage, but it is used very much in some projects that are not very demanding because of its cheap price.

3. Different application scope

Elbow or bend can be used in open areas, only considering the cost. The bend can be cold, the bend needs hot simmer, of course, is the high cost of the elbow. Sometimes elbow must be used in a narrow section, such as a stone channel. Because the radius of curvature of the elbow is small, it is generally 6D, while the bend is 40D.

Elbow is a common connecting fitting used in pipeline installation. Connect two pipes with the same or different nominal diameters to turn the pipes at a certain Angle. Elbow can be classified according to production technology, bending degree, material, connection mode and so on. For example, the same elbow can be a cast steel elbow, a 90 degree elbow, a stainless steel elbow, a threaded elbow, etc.


Bend, in addition to connecting pipe fittings, also refers to a processing method. Bending pipe is to bend straight pipe by means of machining to change the direction of pipeline flow.