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The first large-diameter seamless steel pipe production in t

      Equipment manufacturing industry, a major breakthrough in the Mainland by the China North Industries Group Corporation independently developed 36 thousand tons of ferrous metals vertical extrusion unit has produced China's first large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe root, adapt China's long-term dependence on import of such pipe history. The unit during the year, a project will be completed two projects completed in 2010, the project will put into production for China's nuclear power equipment and thermal equipment, the provision of adequate building materials. Experts estimate that only a year to purchase steel for the Chinese to save 7 billion to 8 billion (RMB. The same below).

Zhang Guoqing, general manager of China North Industries Group Corporation (see Figure) an interview, said thick-walled seamless steel tubes are widely used in electric power, petroleum chemical industry, 36 thousand tons extruder pipe production line perpendicular to the first phase is completed in the year , thick-walled steel pipe extrusion each year 50,000 tons. The two works will be completed in 2010, a year after the completion of the entire project can be extruded posterior wall of the fluorescent tubes, 125 thousand tons.

The completion of a project is expected during the year

It is understood that more than million tons of ferrous metals vertical extrusion press belongs to the field of advanced manufacturing technology, after the United States has the world's largest 31.5 thousand tons vertical extrusion unit, a virtual monopoly on the global high-temperature high-voltage thick-walled molding materials, the market, so China had to a large number of high-priced foreign imports.

Zhang Guoqing said frankly that the foreign monopoly of large-diameter seamless steel pipe in the circumstances, not only to higher prices in China each year a large number of steel pipe imported from abroad, but imports of the pipes are often subject to the impact of foreign policy, whether purchased on time both imports and there are uncertainties . And the localization of large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe, may significantly reduce China's nuclear power plants and petrochemical plant construction costs and improve the competitiveness of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

7 billion yuan in imports by province

China Forging Association, executive vice president and secretary-general Chang Kim to newspaper reporters that the preliminary estimate, China's own production of such steel prices abroad, only half of such foreign countries in accordance with the current 20 thousand U.S. dollars per ton of steel prices, the a year after completion of the project can save the country 70-8000000000 yuan.

Zhang pointed out that in the construction of nuclear power plants and power plant, the large-diameter seamless steel pipe is the essential material, as China had the technology to do not make power plant construction costs are still stuck atop a limit to the development of China's nuclear power plants. In the large-diameter seamless steel pipe to achieve localization, it will greatly promote China's nuclear power industry's development.