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Value for steel to build the nation's largest "tube superma

 hen a reporter came to the end of May Hengyang Steel Tube (Group) Co., Ltd., just to catch up with 720 factory

hydraulic punching machine heat load test, 8 million square meters of 720 factories, steel pipe production line next

to the stars, such as flashing lights, heat waves rolling in , steel flowers scattered, the reporter personally

experienced the powerful driving force for high technology and enterprise development vitality. According to

reports, will bring about revolutionary changes in steel industry, 720 projects in the next month, will be able to

start its operations.

    "We plan to create more than one dozen species, all-round 'steel supermarket'." Valin Steel Group deputy general

manager of Heng YIN Shi-ching, told reporters that, due to missing species, previously customers could only buy a

product distributed to several steel companies purchasing. If we build a full size supermarket, customers will

choose to reduce the time, but also able to do brand marketing. 720, etc. After the project put into production, ??

#118alue for steel will become the domestic market at present the most complete varieties of steel pipe


    According to reports, 720 project not only can increase the ??#118alue for steel 150000-200000 t of capacity,

more important is the ??#118alue for steel will make the product specifications on the existing basis extended to

720mm, which would break the current domestic enterprises all imported from abroad 273-720mm large diameter seamless

pipe situation.

    Do not put all their eggs in one basket

    "Never can eggs in one basket, is an important principle when dealing with a crisis." YIN Shi-ching told


    Innovative marketing mode, adjust the product mix and other factors is to enable ??#118alue-steel in the global

financial crisis, other iron and steel enterprises large-scale case of a loss, but also a magic weapon for a slight

profit. The 720 project will also be put into the financial crisis to create new ??#118alue for steel miracle.

    From the second half of 2007 the industry cyclical trough, the scale has just adjusted its marketing strategy

quickly to expand to overseas markets in Africa, the Middle East and South America. In addition, the ??#118alue for

steel since 2002, vigorously push forward the adjustment of product structure, from production to the production of

ordinary pipe special pipes to the production in general "double high" product transition. At present, the ??

#118alue for steel exports regional coverage in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the ocean and so

on six continents, exporting more than 50 countries and regions have the export