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Seamless steel pipe industry patterns and trends in

          Seamless Steel Tube Industry of China in recent years, the fastest ever seen in the development of 6 consecutive years of booming sales, product structure adjustment achieved remarkable results, steel self-sufficiency rate increased every year. 2004 steel output reached 21.23 million t, accounting for the global steel output 25%. Technological transformation and investment, a record high, significant improvement in technology and equipment, there have been two megaton of seamless steel pipe manufacturer, entered the ranks of the world's largest steel group.
As China's iron and steel industry, even though the steel industry in recent years has made remarkable achievements, from the production of the accounts for the global 1 / 4 of the above, but from technology and equipment, product quality and grade of products, the enterprise's economic scale and the main technical economic indicators such as with the international advanced level there is still a certain gap.
Seamless steel pipe industry, related industries by analyzing trends and patterns, and our seamless steel pipe industry, the achievements and problems, so that we recognize: the domestic market has certain advantages and development space, a growing international market space mainly rely on competition to increase market share. In order to further enhance their competitiveness, we must seize the current favorable opportunity, to narrow the products in variety, quality and cost with the international advanced level, as soon as possible so that the production equipment and technology to achieve the international advanced level, so that China can truly become the world's steel pipe production of power.
1, China's new pattern of seamless steel pipe industry
Seamless construction of the national economy, one of the important raw materials is an economical steel varieties, is widely used in petroleum, electricity, chemicals, coal, machinery, military, aerospace and other industries around the world, particularly in industrial countries attached great importance to the production of seamless steel tubes and trade.
1, China's economic growth has had on the development of seamless steel tube industry
From international experience: rapid growth is not the product of balanced growth in various industries, but by the faster growth of several leading industry driven. Leading industries in different periods is different from leading industry conversion to promote sustained and rapid economic growth.
From the domestic experience: 80 years of leading industries: light industry, textiles, etc.; 90's leading industries: basic industries and infrastructure facilities, a new generation of home appliances, real estate, etc.; the economic slowdown after 1997 was due to lead industry, "merchandise in" this situation was finally changed in 2002, a group of new leading industries surfaced; take the lead in the residential, automotive, telecommunications and urban infrastructure construction of these has a certain nature of the final product leader in the industry. These leading industry gave impetus to the nature of a number of intermediate investment goods industries, mainly iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, chemicals and other materials and equipment industry. These two aspects also pull the power, coal, petroleum and other energy industries and ports, railways, highways and other transportation industry growth. It is above the industry's rapid growth has had on the whole seamless steel tube market demand, promote the rapid development of seamless steel tube industry.
2, seamless steel pipe industry, the rapid development of sustainable opportunities for
Seamless domestic and international markets, are now undergoing a period of consumption growth, domestic consumption will maintain a relatively seamless growth rate for China's development of seamless steel pipe provides a good opportunity.
First of all, energy, transportation, petrochemical pipe demand is not reduced, the rapid growth of high-performance varieties. Energy, transportation, petrochemical and other facilities required for the construction and maintenance of seamless steel market demand was still plays an important position. In recent years, the demand for new varieties of high-performance rapid growth, such as high-performance oil well pipes, large diameter boiler pipe, corrosion resistance, low temperature, as well as petrochemical pipe stainless steel pipe and so on.
Second, the transportation of oil, natural gas, refined oil, coal slurry, slurry pipelines and other fluid control, especially high-strength line pipe demand will rise substantially.
Third, the rapid growth of the construction industry, building structure, pipe grid with high demand for rapid growth.
Fourth, the increased demand for high-tech steel. Automotive, appliance, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing and other industries increased demand for seamless steel pipe volume, variety and quality requirements increase, seamless steel pipe variety to a high-tech direction.
Second, China Seamless Pipe Industry Development Status
1, China's production of seamless steel pipe industry, the development and status of apparent consumption
In 2004, China's output of seamless and welded steel pipes are the world's first seamless pipe in 2003 has become China's net exports of species. Since 2000, China's steel industry, for 5 consecutive years of rapid development, steel tube finished steel output growth and national growth in almost simultaneously, that is, finished steel to 21.64 percent average annual growth, of which 20.8% of steel pipe with high-speed growth, management / material than remain at seven. O% or so.
From 1981 to 2004, China's apparent consumption of seamless steel pipe production and the overall trend is stable, synchronous growth of consumption prior to 1999 has been higher than production, and have a certain fluctuation (about 800,000 t). Before 2002, slightly greater than the apparent consumption of domestic production in 2003, flat in 2004, slightly greater than the apparent consumption, production is expected to start production in 2005 significantly more than the apparent consumption.
2, China seamless steel pipe industry, capacity building of the status quo
Recently China has about 130 seamless pipe manufacturers, nearly 200 sets of units. Which is capable of producing hot-rolled finished pipe and a more complete technology and equipment, nearly 30, the total production of more than 6 million t, accounting for more than 60% of the total seamless steel tubes.

The vast majority of such plants as the state-owned enterprises, advanced technology and equipment, in-line production capacity of high (days tube ?沵0 unit, Baoshan Iron and Steel ?汴0 units over 80 million tons), product quality is good, is the leading enterprise seamless steel pipe production. The remaining enterprises are mainly allocated to provide wool for cold-rolled cold-tube or tube blank shortage of small and medium enterprises, relatively simple devices such enterprises, the general procedure is to begin with, or perforated with perforation + + + title after rolling tube is equipped with cold-rolled cold-call and acid wash (of which a considerable portion of the lower level of equipment of enterprises), in-line production capacity of the lower, the product structural pipe, low-medium pressure boiler tubes and a number of multi-standard small quantities of cold-rolled cold-call products.

In such enterprises there are a number of moderate level of equipment, product quality is better (the corresponding product standards to meet the requirements) of the enterprises, which occupy a considerable share of the market. Survival and development of these enterprises is that they were able to accurately identify the market space, the production of those large companies willing to produce or unable to produce low-volume, multi-standard, multi-species, thin-walled products because of their good quality and the cost of production compared with the most low, the product in the market with a strong competitive edge, a few days ago these enterprises have become an important force in seamless steel pipe production. However, the majority of these enterprises to buy billet production enterprises, procurement and quality of its tube there is no guarantee, especially the sharp rise in ore prices in recent years, so that prices are rising tube.

Pipe getting smaller and smaller profit margins. In addition, with the follow-up processing business for the blank line, built tube will also reduce the resources, future production will face a serious dilemma.
The early 50s of last century by the former Soviet Union aided the first auto-rolling tube mill line has been put into operation in Anshan, China has built nearly 200 sets of seamless steel pipe unit (this includes the introduction of equipment and equipment developed by China itself), covering on the various units in the world today.