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Minor adjustments to the recent market trend will continue

This normal turnover of the steel market as a whole. Charging up slowing, especially outside the mine up limited turnover weakened; coke rally to continue, subject to mine the impact of coal in an emergency, the local coking plant four to find new coal sources; Steel City: pileare, coil recent performance relative active, small continuous pull, set in Hong Kong increased, the north south Increased resources; billet normal turnover, are transferred downstream billet billet rolling stock as a whole line of low, generally within 2-3 days of usage, but due to become useful closing general, rolling line cut-off increase in demand for billets weakened sharply higher power is clearly insufficient.
     Recent macro data revealed that the focus:
     1, the central economic conference held in advance, analysts believe that the central government may want to stabilize the market sentiment signals a timely manner to reduce the policy direction of the market for too much speculation. At present China's top policy official for the keynote is still "continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy" and "to ensure policy continuity and stability, enhanced flexibility and sustainability." With the implementation of an expansionary policy, inflation and asset bubbles is expected to increasingly become a general concern among the community. When to withdraw from the expansionary policy which involve more and more market-sensitive nerves. Next year China would continue to implement liberal economic policies are likely to contribute to the formation of bubbles. But if the premature tightening of monetary policy, but also worried about the economy the second bottom, so the conversion needs of macro-control policies.
     Second, the dollar index continued to decline in the impact of recent crude oil, gold prices continued to rise. Affected by this, the stock market, commodity market prices also clearly increased. Therefore need to focus on U.S. dollar continued to decline in the impact on the world economy, in the promotion of commodity prices, while inflationary expectations increased. In addition the United States calls for RMB appreciation has not been broken before, on China's current economic recovery and the extent that the yuan currency to appreciate substantially is not conducive to our economic recovery.
     At present, the merchants in terms of cost and inflation expectations, the general bullish market outlook, prices there is rising demand, but overall demand is currently unstable, post-resource supply no noticeable improvement in the short term a large number of businesses still no Jiancang of good support, is expected to slightly adjust the recent market trend will continue.