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Cangzhou selling oil drill the quality of overseas

 WASHINGTON January to August this year, a value of $ 11,742,000 Cangzhou oil well drill pipe exports to Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia other countries, an increase of 29.5%.

Cangzhou known as "“Hometown of pipe in China" oil drill one of its specialty products, raw materials from Japan. To promote industrial development with local characteristics, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Cangzhou the raw material import and export of finished products combine the inspection supervision, strict "one into a" two pass, to ensure product quality and safety. First, imports of raw materials related strictly to enhance traceability management. To well permit a single review, visual inspection and quality inspection work, and make relevant records; of samples and sampling, labeling sealing save management to ensure the traceability of raw materials. Second, strict export related products to enhance the daily supervision. On the one hand, the effective heat capacity of joint control products, precision screw machining, welding quality and other key processes, to ensure that enterprises in strict accordance with international standards of production; the other hand, according to ISO/IEC17025 standards, increase the business operation of the Laboratory Quality System supervision and management, and steady improvement in self-test self-control, self-test data to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness.