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Hot-finished Steel Pipe

china Hot-finished Steel Pipe manufacturing/supplier

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Key Specifications

Standard : ASTM

Specifications : According to your requirements

Material : ASTM A53

Certification : ISO9001:2000

Payment Details

Packing Type : Standard export

Supply Capability : 10000 mt per month

Settlement Currency :

Port of Loading : xin gang tian jin china

Offer Price/Unit : 0

Delivery Time : Within 20 days

Payment Details : 30% deposit and againt the copy of the bill of lading


ShengTai company is a professional steel pipe manufacturer of china ,we can produce Hot-finished Steel Pipe ,we have various size of Hot-finished Steel Pipe and according your request to produce ,if you need this products ,we can provide the best price of Hot-finished Steel Pipe for you.

buy hot-finished steel pipe,shengtai steel pipe can give you low price.
The hot-finished steel pipe adopts high-quality coiled plate,after re-examinationcut vertically or strip coil to shaping automatically and melting.Getting rid of burrs inside and outside the pipe,while the computer control the best melting temperature.The qualified steel pipe after the non-destructive inspection in the seldom oxidize environment,wholly hot to 850 then take out of the furnace.Get rid of the phosphorus,through tension reduce machine hot-rolling several times,which make metallography organization grain state size of geometry and mechanical performance average.Our products are widely used in flammable and non-flammable fluid transferring pipe and boiler and steel construction.It has filled the domestic gaps.At present we own 3 sets of production line and produce ERW(stretch reduction)pipe 200,000tons every year.

our company also produce other kinds of steel pipe ,flange and pipe fittings,we have API,CE,ISO certificate. the products are used for petroleum, chemical ,power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction .the Business Manager summer,Anny,sales-CM,Hikyuu Welcome you to visit our factory